Vaatehuolto: Näin vaatteesi säilyy kauniina pitkään

Care: This is how your clothes will stay beautiful for a long time

Clothing maintenance plays a key role in extending the life of clothes. Who wouldn't want their favorite clothes to stay beautiful and usable for as long as possible? The environment and your wallet will also thank you when you learn to take care of your existing clothes.

Below you will find nine tips that will help you succeed in clothing maintenance.

1. Wash your clothes as rarely as possible, air them often

The garment rarely needs washing after one use. The clothes wear out in the machine and stay beautiful longer without machine washing. Ventilation is often enough to refresh the garment.

2. Wear an undershirt

Studio Sieluisa's dresses are designed to be loose fitting, so wearing an undershirt/dress is not necessary. However, if you wish, a t-shirt-like undershirt effectively protects the outer garment from, for example, armpit sweat. Your precious dress will thank you when you wash just the undershirt.

3. Prefer local stain removal

In the event of damage, the stain should be removed locally as soon as possible. There is no point in washing the whole garment because of one stain. I swear by Fiini Naturally's Tahrastick!

4. Wash according to instructions

The wrong temperature or program can be the end of your clothes. So always check the instructions on the material label and follow the washing instructions.

Sieluisa's Tencel lyocell and Tencel modal fabrics are to be washed at 30 degrees. Occasional washes at 40 degrees have not affected my own dresses. However, it is good to remember that the elastane in the fabric does not like continuous high temperatures.

5. Protect your clothes

You should think about what kind of clothes your dress will go in the machine with. Do they have zippers, hooks or other hard parts? Wash separately from such clothes or use a laundry bag!

6. Dry properly

Have you tried drying clothes on a hanger? This way, the garment does not wrinkle in the same way as when drying with a line. Knitwear and other flexible knitwear, such as Sieluisa ribbed fabric, should be dried horizontally on a towel. This way the garment does not shrink. Tumble drying is not recommended for Sieluisa's clothes.

7. Invest in a clothes brush and a steamer

A clothes brush removes dust, hair and loose dirt from clothes, so it is possible to use it to reduce washing times. Using a clothes steamer is the fastest and easiest way to clean clothes. The hot steam kills bacteria and restores the freshness of the garment after use. So once again - less time-consuming washing times!

8. Storage of half-used clothes

Many people throw clothes in the laundry basket after one use, because there is no other place for them. Find a place for half-used clothes, a rack or a shelf, from which it is easy to wear them again the next day.

9. Repair

Don't throw clothes away - mend and modify whenever possible! It is often possible to do small patches yourself, but if you don't have enough time or skill, you can turn to a seamstress. Studio Sieluisa offers repair and modification services for the products it manufactures. You can find the services here.

You dare to invest in high-quality, domestic clothes, because you know you know how to take good care of them. Use the tips and enjoy your credit clothes for as long as possible!

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