Studio Sieluisan yrittäjä Isabella Suutari istuu työhuoneessa päällään metsänvihreä Eloisa mekko.

Studio Sieluisa's clothes - where did it all start?

Studio Sieluisa is a Finnish clothing brand whose clothes are designed to bring comfort, beauty, joy and self-confidence to the wearer's everyday life. How did the mother of two (now three) little girls end up founding her own clothing brand and designing dresses during her maternity leave?

"Dressing gave my shy and sensitive mind a lot of headaches, especially when I was younger. I always saw something in the mirror that I didn't like and imagined that the situation would improve by buying trendy fast fashion. I often felt insecure and made stupid clothing purchases. It didn't really help that I didn't want to find clothes that fit .The dresses and bottoms in the stores almost always fit badly.

Later in life, when I was a housewife, the situation changed and I agreed to wear only comfortable clothes. I didn't care about passing trends, but the new problem was that my comfortable clothes were anything but presentable. I really didn't want to be seen in them.

Why did my clothing choices constantly cause insecurity? And why did I wear clothes at home that I didn't want to be seen in?

These questions, which I pondered from my youth until I became a mother, and the exploration of my own soul, made me become an entrepreneur. The dream of my own clothing brand came alive again, after ten years.

When I became a mother, I also paid even more attention to the problems of the clothing industry and thought about how I could make clothes myself as responsibly as possible. If only I could be a part of creating a better clothing industry and increase appreciation for Finnish work. The idea of ​​Sieluisa became stronger.

I gathered courage and in the fall of 2020 I finally dared to start my own clothing business - that's how Sieluisa's story began.

"I want to design and make clothes for sensitive souls like me who want to enjoy life as it is - here and now."

Taking different bodytypes into consideration when designing dresses and sizing has become a matter of Sieluisa's heart. I work to ensure that we always have large sizes in our selection. You can read more thoughts about sizing in our size guide .

"Everyone should be able to find clothes that fit their body, in which they feel comfortable, gorgeous and confident."

Fun fact: Studio Sieluisa's name started from the quote "Whatever's good for your soul, do that" . The word soul and the first name of the entrepreneur ( Isabella ) finally gave rise to the name Sieluisa . A one-woman sewing studio where soulful feel-good clothes are created. A dream come true. Studio Sieluisa.

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