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Soulful feel-good clothes

Studio Sieluisa

"I knew that somewhere waiting was the garment that was gentle and merciful.

A garment that would support me growing into a woman, and not force me into any mold."

Photographer Jannamari

Our story

Studio Sieluisa had a foreboding beginning already in my youth. Getting dressed gave my shy and sensitive mind a lot of headaches: I interpreted from my reflection in the mirror that the mistakes were in me and not in my ill-fitting pants due to their dozen sizes. The burden that fast fashion is putting on the earth added to my anxiety.

I knew that somewhere waiting was the garment that was gentle and merciful. Clothes that would support my growing into a woman and wouldn't force me into any mold.

The second time I noticed was during my maternity leave. I dressed comfortably, but in clothes that I really didn't want to be seen in. I thought about how absurd and sad it was to wrap myself in clothes that didn't represent me - even myself - at this happy stage of my life. For far too long I had been wearing depressing clothes that made me feel miserable in one way or another.

I knew that there was a garment waiting somewhere that was comfortable but also beautiful. A garment that would not scream my motherhood, but flatter the femininity of my changed and ever-changing self.

I wanted outfits that would stand the test of time and use, that could go with me from one stage of life to another. Because nothing – age, size, shape or status – should stop any of us from dressing classically beautifully.

Once during my studies in the clothing industry, I had already ditched my dream of my own opinionated and holistically responsible clothing brand. Finally, with my three daughters, my dream came to life again, and it wasn't just about dressing up, but about my desire to salute both the image of women and the state of the clothing industry.

I knew it was still waiting here, always just my more meaningful dream. My dream, which now had a name: Studio Sieluisa.

Since that autumn moment of 2020, my creativity has been flying and my sewing has been buzzing in my sewing studio in Porvoo. My sensitivity and at the same time my rebellion towards the unbearable current state of the world had finally become visible as soulful feel-good clothes.

"Whatever's good for your soul, do that."
Isabella / Studio Sieluisa


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