The desire to be part of the change towards a better quality of clothing and to increase the appreciation of domestic work and clothes through one's own actions are the most important ideas behind the founding of Studio Sieluisa. In the early days of the company, I focused especially on product design, domestic production, material choices, and transparent and open communication. The journey is only at the beginning and a more responsible clothing industry requires major changes to prevailing methods of operation. Below I have collected thoughts and facts about how Studio Sieluisa works at the moment.

Product design

I design long-lasting clothes that I love and wear myself. Studio Sieluisa's products combine beauty and comfort. They are designed to bring ease and good feeling to the user's everyday life with their versatility and timelessness. Everything started from one great basic model, from which several dress and shirt models have been born with small changes and additions to the formula. In product design, I have also tried to take into account the fact that few of us fit in one size in every respect. This is based on my own experience, as my own measurements are placed in three different places in the standard measurement table.


The materials used in the products have been selected for environmental friendliness, comfort and softness. There is no perfect solution to this and I follow new innovations with interest. Most of Studio Sieluisa's products are currently made from European TENCEL lyocell, Ecovero viscose and organic cotton. Detailed information on materials and manufacturing can be found under each product.


Studio Sieluisa's products are made by my own hands in Hamari, Porvoo. In other words, you can be completely sure of who made your clothes and under what working conditions. The products are made to order and in small batches to avoid overproduction. As a small operator, I can offer personal service and modify and repair products according to customers' wishes, which also increases the usability and appreciation of the garment.

The quality of the products and the sewing mark are things I am proud of. I boldly develop and renew products whenever I feel that it somehow extends the life of the product. I try to use all the fabric, including cutting waste. Currently, hair donuts and dress belts are made from leftover pieces of fabric.

Openness and transparency

Through my own activities, I want to increase the openness and transparency of the clothing industry. From the beginning, I have tried to share Studio Sieluisa's journey as honestly as possible and to tell you openly what it takes to make clothes. I believe that the appreciation of domestic work and clothes increases when the consumer gets to participate and see behind the scenes. This also includes open talk about prices and opening up the price structure. You can read about Studio Sieluisa's pricing on Instagram, but in the future I will make the price structure visible in the online store as well.


One of my big dreams for the future is to develop services that support the circular economy. In addition to repairs and alterations, I want to offer clothing rental and possibly some kind of Take back service, so that my company is responsible for the entire life cycle of the products.

My plans are to turn to a responsibility expert so that in the future I can both develop operations and communicate about responsibility-related topics even better.

If you have any questions about our activities or wish to make wishes for the future, you can contact us by email .

Author: Isabella Suutari, founder and entrepreneur of Studio Sieluisa